What Is CeleST?

CeleST is a software tool that provides an automated, quantitative, and detailed description of C. elegans swimming.
The full package includes:

  1. Database
  2. Multi-animal tracking algorithm
  3. Eight automated measures of swim features
  4. Plotting tool through which the user can group and compare all the videos in the database, graphing measures as 1D charts, 2D plots, or histograms (all with statistical treatment)


After initial video capture, you can take the frames and run them through CeleST.

Video Tracking/Processing

After the video is added to the software, CeleST can process it. This allows our software to "segment" the image in such a way that the individual worms are identified and outlined. This is all saved in a segmentation file that CeleST can then use to calculate measures.

Measures Computation

Using the segmentation data created by the video processing, CeleST will now calculate and compute each individual worms measures. It will then check with the user to determine validity and correctness of the results.

Measures values and Statistics

Once the measures have been calculated, they can be analyzed statistically. The statistical tests for the data can also be displayed and exported.

The resulting measures and their descriptions are as follows:

People Involved

Monica Driscoll - Rutgers University, Dept of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Carolina Ibanez-Ventoso - Rutgers University, Dept of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Christophe Restif - Rutgers Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (CBIM)
Christopher Herrera - Rutgers Laboratory for Computer Science Research
Jason Krasnitz - Rutgers Department of Computer Science

Tutorials and Getting Started

Download Tutorial

System Requirements:

Common Issues/Challenges

How to Report Problems

Problems during use of the program can be reported through our error reporting system. When one of the error report boxes appears, please type up the circumstances leading to the error and click send. This will send your statement along with automatic error data to the developers of the project.

For Github Contributors: We also have an issues section on the project's Github that can be used to report issues or general problems. Click here to view.

Supplemental Videos


Contact Us

For help in getting started with CeleST, using CeleST, or to send a message to the organization maintaining CeleST, e-mail celestbugreport@gmail.com